Sucker Creek Mission

Minnesota’s Sucker Creek Preserve is to restore, preserve and maintain the native biodiversity of Greater Sucker Creek for the education and enjoyment of all visitors.

Sucker Creek Preserve, acquired by the City of Detroit Lakes in August 2001, conserves 64.24 acres of a remnant of Minnesota’s original post-glacial maple-basswood forest for future generations. Visitors of all ages are offered a self-guided environmental learning experience. Topography includes swamp, designated trout stream, woods and prairie.

A circular parking lot welcomes you. A small prairie cul de sac hosts a hillside amphitheater allowing visitors a meadow-like view while learning about the Preserve. Unimproved north and south perimeter paths add adventure for the trekker. (Handicapped Accessible)

Upstream Sucker Creek, 52.7 acres was acquired in March 2013, and boasts mineral springs as the water source for Sucker Creek.  There is also a self-guided environmental learning experience.  A marshwalk with bump-out enables trout fisherspersons, including the handicapped, to cast for browns in the cool waters.  At the circular park entrance, you can enjoy a picnic shelter, grill and a satellite portable bathroom are available.

Directions:  Take Highway 10 East, turning south onto 290th Avenue (look for the brown & white Sucker Creek Preserve sign). After .3 (3/10) mile, enter the circular parking lot on the right.

Donations to the Preserve are being accepted by the City. Tax deductible contributions are to be made out to Sucker Creek Preserve and mailed to City of Detroit Lakes, P.O. Box 647, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota 56502.

For more information contact Sally Hausken 218-847-8032.

“Everything we eat, drink, wear or live in comes from the Earth.   When we protect nature, we protect ourselves.”
—Sally Hausken